Sunday, May 3, 2009

Uncluttered Days in Rustic Langkawi

To fulfill Opah’s request, we spent a few uncluttered days in idyllic rural Langkawi recently. Our activities include celebrating my Second Birthday (a belated one) at Pantai Cenang, while ogling at the sunset and watching the boisterous local beach bums having fun. I had fun too stroking the gentle deers and feeding the cheeky monkeys with tasty maruku. When I was here six months ago, I remember I carried the rabbits by lifting their floppy ears, but this time to stop me repeating similar mischief, the operator of the animal farm had decided to cage the innocent rabbits. Poor, poor rabbits.

Did I hear Papa remarked “Itulah lain kali jangan pulas telinga si flip-flop tu. Sekarang tengok apa dah jadi”. That's Papa at his cheeky best. So cryptic, don't you think? At the Underwater World, I couldn’t bear to look at some of the scary marine species. It was a different spectre near the Langkawi International Airport. While my family members were salivating their laksa power under the huge cherry trees sandwiched between the airport and the Andaman Sea, I was so entranced watching a couple of aeroplanes took off in quick succession.

After two days of fun and frolic, I was absolutely knackered by the time we took the return ferry to Kuala Kedah. Opah did not follow us back as she would prefer to spend a few more unhurried days in invigorating and soothing Langkawi.
Note: I had a teensy weensy bit of temperature while in Langkawi but thanks to Mak Su who suggested KOOLFEVER to Mama. It is a cool, jolly clever product, invented by the Japanese. Papa bought it in one of the mini markets in Langkawi. It stayed in place on my forehead, no matter how boisterous I was. The moisten gel is blue in colour, not unlike nila.