Monday, November 21, 2011

Abandoned for 16 Months

Good grief, Papa has abandoned this blog for almost 16 months, and has not updated dear readers on that exuberant London trip in June 2010, where I chased squirrels at Kensington Gardens (with Irdina, the youngest daughter of Papa's colleague who is now completing his PhD at Brunel). From the lush green gardens awash with biodiversity, Papa made a call to blogger Kak Teh, and subsequently we all met the much-loved Malaysian couple at that equally notable Malaysian restaurant in Craven Road, Paddington.

Lotsa things have happened since then. One thing, Papa has reestablished his connected thinking with his former A-Levels contemporaries (Amir, Neeta, Neme, Tati, Zul and others) for all to see here

... and I have started schooling since January 2011, and made a promising start in my early education.

Mind you, it did not start auspiciously well between my class teacher, Mrs. Loh, and Papa as indicated by the snippet below:

Mrs Loh: You didn't bring Elham on the first day yesterday?

Papa: Sorry, yesterday was really hectic for all of us.

Mrs Loh: You're Elham's grandfather?

Papa: Speechless and could only muster to flash his senyum kemewek.

Do you think Papa knows it's coming, given that Mrs. Loh is a veteran kindy teacher, not a giggling primary school girl?

As 2012 promises to be replete with momentous events, going forward let us hope to see more actions here and in other related blogs. Ta ta for now.