Saturday, November 1, 2008

Luxe Life in Hong Kong - January 2008

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The generous host

Gift for the host - Signed copy of Growing Up in Trengganu
and the resident pianist at the Peninsula

Some of the highlights of the Hong Kong visit in January 2008, as enthused to the classy Ruby Ahmad:

Met several outstanding thought leaders in the fields of accounting and auditing and attended presentations given by eminent economists from the top US universities. I also got the opportunity to do one of Hong Kong "must" - having afternoon tea at The Peninsula Lobby, while the resident pianist who bears an uncanny resemblance to the talented playwright Alfian Sa'at played What a Difference a Day Made and many other beautiful songs on the piano.


Ahh, the vintage 80-year old Peninsula Hotel and its breathtaking Lobby ... old world charm in the midst of slick modernity, with no sipping and gossiping Mak Datins in sight. A walking distance from Peninsula Hotel is a clutch of museums and the Tsim Sha Tsui promenade with its dramatic harbour view. I was at the Avenue of the Stars and was accosted by, not one, but one after another, fortune tellers in Sikh turbans with the same and tired chat up line "Sir, your fascinating face reveals bla bla bla" or something like that to make one feels good and generous to a fault. I did watch The Symphony of Lights but once is enough, methinks (err, not really the bright light and big city type).

And spent a bit of time at the Kubrick Bookshop and Cafe too to marvel at the eye-catching books and other paraphernalia before watching a couple of ahem/woohoo movies at The Broadway Cinematheque next door. Oh such Luxe Life in magical Hong Kong.

Chairing a plenary session, The Symphony of Lights, Avenue of the Stars, and The Peninsula Lobby


ruby ahmad said...

Hi aMiR,

Hey so nice to be mentioned here..woo..I am so honoured indeed.

Thanks for the compliment, aMiR.

Ahh..Hong Kong! No visit to HK is complete without Hi-Tea at the Peninsula! (Isn't it refreshing no gossiping Mak Datins within sight at a hotel lobby? Ha ha) While sipping tea, enjoying 'What a Difference a Day Made', oh heaven indeed.

You brought a signed copy of Guit? Chewah2. Awang Goneng must be so pleased to know this. Such high appreciation there. Great stuff!

I enjoyed walking along the elevated walk way when I was there. I swear I walked so much in my trainers/sneakers, I lost a few stones when I came back home..LOL!

So that's you eh at the Peninsula Lobby? At last kenal rupa..he he.

Hi&Lo said...


Ada gayanya at Peninsula. I missed that. I was lucky to put up at my friend's place in Fanling which is at the border town in New Territory. I travelled by MRT which was so efficient. No need to wait for more than 2 min.

Last week I went to a spa in KK. A China gal served me. She put me to shame with her impeccable Malay.

My friend led a group of Malay businessmen to Beijing and she told me the same thing.

GUiKP said...

Ruby and Hi&Lo
So now that you've seen me, tegurlah kalau terjumpa di mana-mana. Bergaya, you reckon H&L?

Sometime ago, I went to the Stadium in Alor Setar to pick up my daughter who participated in her school's Annual Sports Day. When I asked one of my daughter's classmates to tell her that I was around, she yelled: "Ainaa, Tok Wan hangpa dah mai" (Ainaa, your grandpa is here).

Oh well, I comforted (deluded, if you like) myself by whispering inwardly that even if Khir Toyo was in my place, the ever-so-innocent-and-honest girl would still regard him as Tok wan, no matter how taut or silky smooth the cheek is. Right?

GUiKP said...

Just because of our grey hair!

Hi&Lo said...


You sure look dignified with your pepper hair.

Well, am in Kota Kinabalu. If I happen to see you, defintely I will tap on your shoulder and tell you to follow me to police station. hehe

Have not met Ruby Ahmad. Read about her in the papers the late 70's or thereabout. She left an indelible mark in my memory.

After all these years, found her blog thru Kak Teh and she hasn't change much in her passionate pursuit of community work.

Her perspective on life is very refreshing for her honesty. She opens up my mind on a lot of things.

Despite her classiness, she is very down to earth.

aMiR, how old is your daughter by the way? Children are very innocent.

Hi&Lo said...


Satu hari I met a woman at a pharmacy. She was praising sky high abt how accurate her sinseh's diagnosis of her neck pain just by feeling her pulse.

I warned her on the risks of Chinese medicine. Then we drifted into current affairs. Tak sedar she is adik to a high profile govt official who is at the centre of a political storm involving Anwar.

Nasib baik I tak comment apa2 abt her brother prior to her confession.

Cos of her I pi cari chinese urut.altho a china gal she was very stern and can assure you no hanky panky.

GUiKP said...

Ainaa turned 9 in July 2008, but I've already started buying her kebaya a few years ago, much to her Mama's chagrin of course.

I also used to get insightful comments about KJ from his circle of friends/people in the know, but those fascinating comments have petered out now. But I know our young bright sparks are still crazy about him.

ruby ahmad said...

Hi aMir & Hi&Lo,

Waduh, you guys ada cerita2 di sini rupa2 nya. No wonder I terpanggil to hop by & see what's all the chatter I hear just now..ha ha.

Woo..Hi&Lo, yeah I remember now, you once told me, you read an article. There were a few & I wonder which one..he he. My hey days lah, kaypoh2 sikit. But, hey thanks for your warm words...terangkat saya di buat nya. Thanks again, Hi&Lo.

ruby ahmad said...

aMiR, I think men with platinum hair definitely look dignified. Hi&Lo is right there.

Of course I am biased, as my hubby spots platinum hair too, just like you & Sultan Azlan...he he!

Actually it runs in the family.

GUiKP said...

There's a youtube on toastmasters and the speaker talked about "Wholly Matrimony". Is that you?

ruby ahmad said...

Hello Guikp,

Ha ha..someone else asked me about that before. I had a peep at it sometime that's not me, but exactly same name. That I if I recalled was hilarious.

I have been to a Toastmasters' competition as an observer on an invitation, boy! the finalists really really can speak & leave us all in stitches.