Friday, April 30, 2010

An atmospheric weekend in Port Dickson

Last weekend was atmospheric, wasn’t it?. Especially for those who were in Hulu Selangor. Likewise, we had one atmospheric weekend recently at a resort in PD. Papa had to attend a workshop and we tagged along.

Opah came with us too as she wanted to see her other grandkids in Seremban, and buy a wedding present in Nilai, the shopping haven, for her splendid and amazing neighbour. “Nilai really lives up to its name – shopping wise” – so opined Opah.

The workshop was essentially work work work for Papa, with no shopping in store. They worked beyond Buletin Utama, believe it or not. One of the team members in the workshop, Gaz (sitting second from left in the 1985 photo below), happened to be Papa’s former coursemate at UEA, who is married to Zu (last row, also second from left), another UEA alumna.

For me, I enjoyed the touch-a-pet, feed-a-pet and bathe-a-pet sessions. We did chase-a-peacock too eventhough it is not included in the kids package.

Three days ago, I turned 3. I can now recognise most of Thomas's friends; Gordon, Percy, Hayold, Onri, Annie, Toby, Trevor, James, etc. I have stopped the bad habits of chewing my shirt and inadvertently revealing my navel, plus saying the T-word, tibai. Which means that the time is ripe to enrol me in a kindergarten. Shall I follow my siblings’ footsteps and march onto Tadika Superkids?


Al-Manar said...

Seeing how your dad excels in writing about places and making them look interesting I woder if he is in the right profession.

GUiKP said...

Yes, he is in the right profession as it gets him (and us sometimes)to see all the "interesting" places and constantly meet different and fabulous people.

But mor importantly, it gives him great pride when respectable scholars quoted his work but gave credit to his father, our Atok, whom none of his children got the chance to meet in this world.

Thank you for your kind compliments.