Monday, October 27, 2008

Breakfast at Kashmir's

Opposite the Arked Mara Jitra, on the other side of the river, is a long-established watering hole known by the locals as Kashmir. Papa was introduced to this no-nonsense place by one of his contemporaries, an author of several books and published manuscripts on Auditing and the Political Economy, who is also a food fetish, many many years ago when Papa was a swinging bachelor, swinging between KL, Cherating, Penang, Bangkok and Sydney. During their courting days, Papa and Mama dined here a few times, as well as at Restoran Mustafa in Pumpong, Alor Setar, which used to serve the most scrumptious kari kepala ikan.
The owner of the place is a retired policeman. When he dukung me, and I instinctively touched his white janggut, Mama chided me but he did not mind at all. Instead he told Mama "Tak pa. Itu pahala". The food is lovingly prepared by his wife Azizun (or Kak Jun) using the freshest ingredients and strictly non-import stuff, unlike the modus operandi of most owners of the ubiquitous Nasi Kandar restaurants all over the country. Her labour of love is widely appreciated by the locals and visitors, including Tabligh followers who regularly use the mosque adjacent to Kashmir as their markas. Below are some of the customers' cars parked at the huge parking lot next to Kashmir on Diwali 2008, indicating a brisk business.

Happy Diwali All.


Kak Teh said...

this will be a must when we go back. I shouldnt ber reading this when I had not had breakfast.
anyway, tell your dad, since GUiKP he has also forgotten the way to my blog.

GUiKP said...

On the contrary, he continues to rummage your choc-a-blog, and seems to enjoy the vintage posts which he missed earlier, as he only discovered the joy of blogosphere when I was still comfortably inside Mama's tummy, and you have been in existence way back in 2004, before my time. He's still working on Restless in Riyadh: While Inside Mama's Tummy, but the Sony sales people in Alor Setar are giving him grief. None of them can show him how to edit the videos and then import to the Toshiba laptop.

GUiKP said...

We are delighted to take you there. I love to walk around the compound of Kashmir because they "bela" cats, rabbits, ayam kampung, etc.

Elviza said...


Could you tell your dad that I totally agree with Kak The: he forgets the way to mine as well!

And "swinging bachelor?"

LOL. Wicked sense of humour

GUiKP said...

Let me assure you he has not forgotten the ways. He still follow them religiously. He may not leave permanent footprints, but his footprints continue to graze the ways. You may not realise them because since going wireless the IP address may not look familiar. But not for long.

Kak Teh said...

sweetie, that aunty elviza is another one who has not found her way back to my blog. and she is complaining about yr dad! hmmmph!

Awaiting Restless in Riyadh, while I contemplate Listless in London.

GUiKP said...

Ah, people are so gentle to me on Diwali Day, sweetie, darling and so on. This afternoon (oops, should be yesterday now, Malaysian time), Papa and I strolled around Darul Aman Park, which is very near to our place, while the other family members jogged. When we passed a teenage girl who was walking with 3 abang-abang, one of the abangs, cooed "Oh comelnya" to me, and immediately after that he proudly exclaimed "Eh dia senyum kat aku la". Then, I clapped both my chubby hands as a gesture of appreciation. Needless to say, this entry is done while I'm sleepwalking.

Elviza said...

Excuse me darling little boy, can I speak to Kak Teh please?

Ahem Kak Teh! I read you every time you put something new. It's just sometimes I dont have anything clever to say (not that I always say something clever though).

Tell her, I list her at my blog as "inspirational" tau!

Ooooh, oh, must blogroll you as well soonest.

And aMiR, I am waiting for that Restless in Riyadh.

*trap trap trap!*

(that is the sound of my fingers drumming the table, waiting in vain)

GUiKP said...

Sorry for publishing your post 12 hours late. papa was knocked out yesterday. After work, he took us to the park again. Then we had dinner at Megat Baginda Cafe at the park. He watched Tun on Astro Awani, but it was touch and go for him. When the show was on, my sister attempted to switch channel to Kirana, Ria or one of those frivolous channels and Papa was cross.

GUiKP said...

Oh no, you wanna blogroll GUiKP. How is he going to keep track of the Sitemeter and StatCounter now? It has reached unexpected places since it makes its appearance in Kak Teh's one stop Sentraal Station.

Francine McKenna said...

Hi, Was surprised and pleased to see re: The Auditors on your blogroll. I love being in such beautiful company. Between yo and your father, yo have a way of making me want to jump on a plane and disappear amongst the sights, sounds and smells of Malaysia. Thanks for reading. I Twittered your link this morning here in Chicago, so you may see some hits. :) fm

GUiKP said...

I'm humbled that this blog has such effect on you. Do visit our beautiful country, and experience the magic and other best kept secrets yourself. We have never been to Chicago, or the US for that matter. But one day I hope to attend the American Accounting Association Annual Conference.

GUiKP said...

Just to let you know that 5% of my visitors currently are from the US. Thank you for the plug.