Saturday, October 25, 2008

Memories of Stamboul - July 2008

As previously gushed, rather excitedly, to Elviza, the bookworm lawyer-blogger:

I know what a mıssed opportunıty not to start bloggıng when ın beguılıng and exquisite Istanbul. What better way to do ıt than when at the Grand Bazaar/Sultanahmet tea gardens ın the company of wise ladies and gentlemen and swotty students from Istanbul University in deep thought sıppıng copıus amount of Turkısh tea ın daınty tulıp shaped glasses and inhaling and puffing for hours and hours the fruity flavoured tobacco from the nargileh. The air is impregnated with apple and strawberry scented intoxicating breeze. I had my fair share of the odd puff, and surprised myself that I could do it non-stop and still felt insatiable. Is blogging and winding down in tea garden under the canopy of fruit bearing grape trees possible? (one day insya Allah)

Oh, and I haven’t told you the incomparable beauty of the 3-hour Bosphorous cruise which is better than the trips by Venice waterbus, Sydney Harbour Ferry, or Victoria Harbour Star Ferry. Nothing can top the silhouette of Istanbul at sunset, viewed from the mighty Bosphorous (the Strait that divides Turkey into East and West). One marvels at the minarets, Palaces, kiosk and yalis of the Sultans embroidering both the Europe and Asia shores in quiet relaxation and contemplation. Followed by people watching the swotty types bopping the nite away on the large private boat to the accompaniment of lightning and thunder in the forms of the majestic firework display and the Turkish belly dancing music. What a heady mix and an unforgettable memories …

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Elviza said...

A renowned travel writer (I forgot his name) once wrote: the best place to write is right here.

So, it doesn't matter where you are, you could always write whatever you want.

But must warn you that scribing is a lonely pursuit.