Monday, October 20, 2008

Monkeying Around in Langkawi (and as Blogger)

Sometime this month, we left Kubang Pasu by car at 4.30 pm, took the 5 pm ferry from Kuala Kedah and reached Langkawi about 90 minutes later. On the way to Telaga Harbour Park, we stopped by the road side to play with friendly monkeys. They took crisp from my chubby fingers. I saw eagles and rabbits at the Oriental Village. I carried the rabbits by lifting their floppy ears. But only for a few seconds.
Bon Ton, that little gem of a resort, has lots of cuddly cats and sleepy dogs. There is a lagoon dotted with shocking purple water lilies, which they stopped me from plucking, just in time. Papa's favourite place in Bon Ton is of course the Chin Chin Lounge Bar. He can spend hours there browsing through the voluminous reading materials and leaving us to our own devices.
Although Papa has been monkeying around as a commentor in various blogs since late 2006, today, inspired by Kak Teh's delightful scrapblogging, Papa took the plunge and began blogging about my growing up in Kubang Pasu (in earnest, hopefully). So dear readers, do join us to shape up my growing up.


Zawi said...

Since nobody welcomed you to blogosphere, let me have the pleasure of welcoming you. I am sure there will be lots of beautiful and interesting posts from you. Welcome aboard.

GUiKP said...

Ah, that's nice. Perhaps they are tired of waiting for my appearance.